Lazy Writers Anonymous

“Hello. My name is Robert. And I’m a lazy writer.”

Whew. Finally got that off my chest. I, for one, feel much better, even if you don’t. It’s also a wildly ironic statement, since you are currently reading something I’m writing. It’s kind of like an intervention for someone who throws too many interventions. Like these people:


But it’s still true: I’m a lazy writer on the whole. I graduated from Ashland University with my MFA in creative writing in the summer of 2015. Just writing that makes me feel old and remind me how little I’ve accomplished in the interim. I had plans then. I was going to turn that broken manuscript into something. I was going to keep writing more poems, maybe start a non-fiction book and I was definitely going to write and release more music.

I will give you two guesses how well I did at this. First one doesn’t count.

Actually, that’s not fair. I held fast to writing new poems for a little while, and then I got distracted or worn out or whatever and sort of stopped doing that. I eventually came back to my thesis, and was surprised that it wasn’t the worst thing ever put on paper, but found little motivation to go back to it as a work. The non-fiction book never materialized into anything. And frankly, all of this was my own fault. I could blame other people or the internet or my iPhone, but the fact of the matter is I chose those things over more advantageous choices.

That’s part of the reason this blog is so important. This is me forcing myself to write, even if it isn’t always my best, my most thoughtful writing, but it is, most importantly, writing. Like muscle building, writing–and other creative outlets like it–requires continued work and practice in order to actually see improvement. Otherwise, my brain forgets what it knows, replaced by useless facts or some other crazy, unnecessary things I don’t need to know, and that really feels like a waste of many things, least of all the time I spent learning to be better at Ashland.

So this is where I need to take this beyond a confession piece. Something needs to change, because creativity, in its many forms I’m attached to, is an essential part of who I am. And so this has to work as a digital intervention. It’s time for me to get back to work, because it helps make me the best version of who I am or can be.

And that’s reason enough to stop being lazy. Being better always makes sense.

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