I Wanted to be a Sportswriter (and now I am…sort of)

I set two goals for myself for this year, one was related to starting and maintaining my own podcast, the other was to do a better job keeping up things here on my site.

Technically, I’ve done both things, as the podcast exists, although it’s been longer than I’d like since an episode has dropped; and the site, well, the front page isn’t as full of new posts as I’d like.

I’ll blame both on the work I’m doing for Niner Noise, where the writing is in-depth and therefore requiring of a great deal of attention, and work I’ve been doing toward the launching of the new Niner Noise Podcast, the first episode of which should be released later this week.

On many levels, this is the very thing I always wanted, as I noted elsewhere before, because the job I dreamed of as a kid looked a little something like this:

Screen shot 2015-01-05 at 9.26.26 AM-2

Once I got into high school, I realized I was better with my voice, and that turned into sports radio, which gave way to writing during the end of high school and into college, and before I knew it, writing was the focus of my education and my career in many ways.

Still, reading student papers and giving revision feedback wasn’t fully what I had in mind, but there’s mostly been time to find other ways to flex the writing muscles, whether that was through my creative writing MFA, my own poetry and creative non-fiction, or this website.

The Niner Noise opportunity came along, and even though I’m volunteering my time, I really do enjoy the writing, and I think that’s because it taps into something that I always wanted to do. I’m not getting rich or famous from it, although I did have one of my pieces featured on the Bleacher Report feed not too long ago, but it is fun to be able to engage with something I love already (in this case, my favorite football team) and then to be able to spend time writing and talking about the team and its current and long term direction.

Who knows if there will be opportunities to do more with this down the road, but honestly that’s less the point, although it would be nice to try my hand at doing this for a living instead of just as a hobby.

For the time being, it’s a nice way to balance my life into not being exclusively either work or family (not as if there’s anything wrong with either of those things), providing me a way to channel my writing and creative energy into something that I enjoy doing (and, in most cases, am doing already).

Keep on the lookout for more from my via Niner Noise, and I’ll post a link to the Niner Noise Podcast once it goes live.


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